We are NewTower Trust Company

NewTower Trust Company provides fiduciary and trustee services for approximately $7.0 billion of real estate and other assets. NewTower is a non-depository trust company specializing in real estate investment. The company is chartered and supervised by the State of Maryland and headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.

NewTower’s professional staff brings decades of experience in real estate investment, management, financial reporting, valuation, risk management, and portfolio reporting allowing it to offer sophisticated solutions to institutional partners seeking to participate successfully in real estate and other real asset investment markets.

NewTower’s leading-edge technology platform provides transparency, efficient execution, and scalability to its investment solutions.

NewTower is committed to the principles of Responsible Property Investing (RPI), seeking to enhance environmental, social, and governance benefits from market-competitive investments.


  • Maryland-chartered non-depository trust company
  • Gross Assets under management: $7.0 billion
  • Net Assets under management: $5.5 billion
  • Number of investments under management: 95
  • Investors for which NewTower serves as fiduciary: 320