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NewTower Adds Value

As an experienced, professionally managed trust company, NewTower brings substantial value to its business partners:

  • Investor Trust – NewTower’s first priority is to maintain the trust of investors and their confidence that their interests guide all decisions. There is no more important “value add” that NewTower brings to any investment structure in which it is involved.
  • Disciplined and Timely Execution – Managing a multi-billion dollar national real estate portfolio requires coordinating complex processes efficiently and accurately. NewTower and its advisors meet this challenge through a combination of dedicated professionals, with decades of relevant experience, and leading edge technology expediting the flow of information and tracking complex processes.
  • A Focus on Risk Management – NewTower mitigates risk through effective processes and procedures, leading edge technology, and experienced professionals.
  • Specialized Expertise – What distinguishes NewTower most from conventional bank trust operations is the specialized real estate expertise of the company’s senior management and the specialized processes and proprietary information technology that supports these professionals.
  • Scalable Platform – NewTower currently serves as fiduciary and trustee for one of the largest U.S. core real estate funds. Together with its strategic partners and through its technology platform and extensive network of best-in-class service providers, NewTower has the capacity to respond effectively to large client mandates.
  • Responsible Property Investing – NewTower is committed to the principles of RPI, seeking to enhance the environmental, social, and governmental benefits of market-competitive investments. NewTower believes that these principles can enhance long-term returns and are important to many investors, their beneficiaries and other constituents.



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