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NewTower Core Values

  • Integrity is NewTower's single most important asset. As a highly regulated bank trustee and ERISA fiduciary, governed by a Board of Directors with a majority of independent directors, NewTower is uncompromising in avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining absolute objectivity and independence in the best interests of investors.
  • Dedication to investment transparency, with a sophisticated technology platform and advanced analytic capabilities providing secure, web-based access to fund information for investors and their consultants.
  • Focus on risk management at the individual asset, portfolio, and company operation levels.
  • Demonstrated track record in applying Responsible Property Investing principles in constructing and managing a market-competitive investment portfolio.
  • Efficient, effective, and timely execution of decisions and processes, consistent with the investment policies and strategic objectives of each of its managed funds. NewTower's experienced professionals, working closely with its strategic partners, have implemented the management structures, processes and procedures, and information technology resources necessary to acquire, manage, and sell billions of dollars of real estate assets, prudently and competitively.



About Us
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