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Responsible Property Investing

NewTower is experienced in implementing the principles of Responsible Property Investing (RPI) for appropriate investment structures.

  • RPI provides the framework for NewTower to incorporate environmental, social, and governance practices to complement its prudent management of real estate investments. NewTower believes that these practices have the potential to enhance returns while providing collateral benefits that are important to many investors.
  • MEPT has been designated as one of the top U.S. real estate fund in The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark sponsored by major international pension plans.
  • MEPT develops buildings that are designed to be LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver-certified or higher and emphasizes energy-efficient, high-performance property operations in its existing portfolio. Currently, MEPT’s portfolio includes 36 LEED-certified assets containing 9.7 million square feet with a gross asset value of $3.3 billion.
  • Through MEPT, NewTower implements fair labor practices by using 100% union labor and signatory contractors to ensure that prevailing wages and benefits are paid to foster economic health and growth in the communities where the Fund invests.
  • NewTower upholds the highest degree of fiduciary standards and unparalleled transparency and communication with its investors.



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